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Spring Breeze

A greedy corporation is destroying the environment. A mouse and an owl team up to save their home.

Fly through a beautiful valley, destroy the enemy with explosive power cores while avoiding hostile drones.




Audio Middleware


Development Time

Team Size






7 weeks


My Contribution 

I did some of the initial work on the player character with prototyping it's controller/abilities and setting up a system that would allow it to switch between different behaviors such as flying, walking or crashed.

However my main contribution was to the games sound design and music which I have created with input from the rest of the team.

I created the sound design using Reaper, highlights include wing flaps which may or may not actually be a t-shirt used to produce whooshes. Various recordings of owls and mice, potentially rats. Also saws lots of saws.

Reaper was also used to compose the music consisting manly of a synth using various presets and other weird instruments.

I have then used Wwise to set up the various sound as events and implemented them mainly using C# script.

For a listen check out the video below ↓


This is the main script responsible for managing audio via Wwise and as such has functionality for controlling all audio and also manages audio not connected to a specific object/event, mainly the ambiance and music.

It is also subscribed to how many hits the player have landed on the tower which in turn triggers different parts of the music.

I opted for using a Singleton pattern so that the scripts functionality could be accessed from various parts when needed such as the game being paused and since it's only intended for one Audio manger to be active at once.

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The game lacks somewhat in terms of variety when it comes to the level but one area of interest is the cave which has a different ambiance track and changes the reverb to be more fitting of a cave.

This script attached to a trigger-box for which covers the cave area of in order to change the ambiance and makes sure to apply a send to the player.

There is also an AkEnvironment attached to the same object for applying reverb to game objects in the cave such as drones.

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This script was meant to serve as the base for the player character controller and would allow it to switch between different behaviors such as flight or ground movement, since the initial idea for the game was for the player to able to both fly and walk on the ground.

It also could override behaviors such as when the player has crashed and is forced to try and repair the owl's wing. 

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