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Summit is a adventure, puzzle, platformer made to feel like a old styled adventure game with a beautiful environment.

The game was developed for a school project across four weeks, as an exercise on emergent gameplay.

The player is given only a few mechanics which has to be used in combination with the environment to climb through the level and eventually reach the top.

There are many ways to use the mechanics, and the player is encouraged to be creative and find their own solutions.




Audio Middleware


Development Time

Team Size


Unreal Engine




4 weeks


My Contribution 

My main contributions are the player character controller, which allows the player to jump, glide and use an air dash to get around.

I also created the players health system which is a relatively simple component attached to the player character.

I also worked on game objects that would interact with the player such as steam-vents, explosions, pressure pads and their corresponding doors.

I'm also responsible for the sound design and it's implementation. Which was made using Reaper and implemented using FMOD.

The most notable part is probably the ambiance master and it's sub-parts used to control the outside atmosphere.

Character Controller

A third person character controller with added ability of being able to glide and dash while in air.

I've also added in the functionality to reset the characters location to it's last checkpoint in case the player should fall off the side of the tower.

There is some added utility code that would lock/unlock the players abilities for use in the tutorial section,

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Steam Vents

A game object meant to lift the player (but only while gliding) also catapults enemies (mainly the jellyfish/mines) simulating physics into the sky or more likely an untimely when they collide with the ceiling.

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Pressure Pads

A script requested by the designers who wanted an objects to react to being pressed down by the player or an heavy enough object, that could then communicate it's state to other objects such as doors or steam-vents for use in puzzles.

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Ambience Master

A script meant to be responsible for the ambiance divided in to two parts. Firstly it consisted of a game object that would simply play ambiance related things such as the wind and music. 

The second part was that it had number of triggers to notify it of when the player entered and exited the tower interior which would filter the wind ambiance

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Sound Trigger

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